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There are hundreds of personal injury attorneys out there. Why should you choose The Hyatt Law Firm? Jennie M. Hyatt has more than 11 years’ experience as a defense attorney for insurance companies. She also has 5 years’ experience handling cases for the victims of automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Having experience handling hundreds of cases from both sides gives our clients the best possible representation. We will make sure your medical bills get paid and that you get compensated for your injuries. Call us and schedule an appointment today. Your initial consultation is always free. We are here to serve people in their time of need.  (936) 305-1965.

“I know several riders who have been injured because someone pulled out in front of them, or simply pushed them out of the way while changing lanes. I’ve lost loved ones in motorcycle crashes that were not their fault, and I remain dedicated to providing injured motorcyclists the best representation possible.”

Jennie M. Hyatt