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A native of Augusta, Georgia, Jennie joined the Air Force shortly after graduation from high school. After finishing her term of service in the Air Force, Jennie settled in Texas and attended Stephen F. Austin State University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and English. She earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law and moved back to Augusta in 2004. Jennie practiced law in Georgia until she moved back to East Texas in 2019, and now she is serving people in their time of need in the following counties: Angelina, Nacogdoches, Sabine, San Augustine, and Shelby.

For the first ten years of her career, Jennie represented insurance companies in personal injury and malpractice cases. This time has given her insight into the minds of the insurance companies, and now she works hard to ensure her personal injury and medical malpractice clients receive the treatment they need and the compensation they deserve. 

“I’ve been injured in two automobile crashes myself, with lingering pain, and I know how insurance companies do all they can to keep from compensating someone who is injured.”

For eight years Jennie also worked for the Georgia Attorney General representing Child Support Services and the Department of Family and Children Services. Her time spent working with these agencies, in addition to years of private practice in Family Law cases, has given her the skills necessary to ensure the best results possible for her clients who are facing divorce, custody, and child support issues. Additionally, Jennie does adoptions, ensuring that children have the security a loving family provides.

“I’ve been divorced and through a custody battle, so I know the emotional roller coaster my Family Law clients go through.”

One of the most difficult times in a person’s life is when they lose a loved one. Jennie understands and will guide you through the process of Estate Planning, and will walk with you step by step through the legal process of probating your loved one’s Estate. Jennie’s ultimate goals are to make sure that all clients understand how their documents will carry out their wishes and to help surviving spouses and family members through the grief of losing a loved one.

“I’ve lost both of my parents; I know how deep the sorrow can run. I also had to deal with ‘family drama’ after their deaths. I know how grief and greed can tear a family apart following the death of a loved one.”

Being a Veteran, Jennie has a passion for ensuring that our Veterans receive the help and support they deserve. Active-duty and retired Veterans always receive a discount on legal services.

Practicing law is not the only thing filling up Jennie’s calendar, though. After all, “all work and no play makes for a dull life!” She is an avid motorcyclist. Her favorite place to ride is in the rolling hills of East Texas. Jennie was part of the Escort Riders when the traveling Vietnam Wall was in South Carolina in 2008 and participates in several local rides each year.

“I know several riders who have been injured because someone pulled out in front of them, or simply pushed them out of the way while changing lanes. I’ve lost loved ones in motorcycle crashes that were not their fault, and I remain dedicated to providing injured motorcyclists the best representation possible.”

I believe God gives each of us gifts that we are to share with those who are in need. One of my gifts is being a lawyer who believes in serving people in their time of need. Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

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