Attorney Jennie Hyatt’s Experience with LegalMatch and Why it Works for Me

With LegalMatch, the inflow of referrals has just been phenomenal. Over the last 8 months I got anywhere from five to seven referrals a week and about eleven or twelve hires based on these referral, which has done a tremendous amount for my business.

Plus, I’ve had people who came to me through LegalMatch who have referred me to friends and so I’ve gotten that extra benefit because the LegalMatch clients were satisfied with my services and felt comfortable referring me to others.

LegalMatch has made my firm more successful. I would not have known about these people and they most likely would not have found me, among the hundred other family law attorneys in this area, without LegalMatch. It’s really been very beneficial. My practice has probably 75% domestic work and LegalMatch has increased that profitability over the last eight months that I’ve had your service.  I’ve had so many referrals, that I can’t meet with all of them, so I’ve referred some cases to other attorneys.

I’ve referred legalMatch to another new attorney in this area. I’ve actually been practicing in Augusta for fourteen years, just not out on my own. But I have a friend who’s only been in Augusta for two years and he’s struggling to get his name out among all the others. So I told him about the LegalMatch service and how it’s benefited my firm and suggested that he get in touch with LegalMatch because I really think that it would help him grow his company.

Getting the Most Out of Your LegalMatch Subscription: Follow-Up!

Following-up is really important. I have learned that when people submit their requests and it comes to me, I am more successful in getting them in my office and getting hired if we follow-up with them after we send that initial email.

We’ve been inundated between LegalMatch and other things, and not always followed up with clients after we send the response through LegalMatch.  We’ve lost some clients because we’ve not done that follow-up.

If we do not receive a call the day after we’ve sent the LegalMatch email, then we call the next day.  If we don’t reach them, we follow-up within a day or two by phone and send an email to their personal email addresses.

We have more success in getting those people to come in to the office and meet with us and hire us, than if we let several days go by before we reach out to them. So, immediate follow-up after the referral is critical.

Bottom Line: Does LegalMatch Work?

I think it is absolutely worth the subscription. I don’t feel like my office would have been so successful in its first year had I not had the membership with LegalMatch.

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