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Family Law

Family Law covers a wide array of issues related to our families.   Whether you are facing a divorce, child custody, visitation (as a parent or grandparent), child support, paternity/legitimation, or adoption, you need an experienced attorney.

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Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we go through in our lives. There are many laws that guide how an Estate is to be handled. Failure to follow these laws could result in significant difficulties later. Whether your loved one had a Will or not, you still the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you through the process.

Personal Injury

There are hundreds of personal injury attorneys out there. Why should you choose The Hyatt Law Firm? Jennie M. Hyatt has more than 11 years experience as a defense attorney for insurance companies. She also has 5 years experience handling cases for the victims of automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

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